Special Event management is much more than ordering audio-visual equipment and choosing a meal menu.

It is about effective planning and analyzing the environment in order to make sure it is appropriate for your event.  It is an integrated, managed  service and a turn-key solution from Andromeda Consultants.  It’s a simple, effective, efficient, consist and smooth experience for your attendees from registration to the actual event followed by and evaluation.  It’s also about removing situational and environmental risks that could adversely affect your event.

At Andromeda Consultants, our approach to special event management is simple — we strive to exceed our client’s goals.

Event management is art of integrating all the following from start to finish:

  • Registration and Website Design
  • Graphics, Signage and Printing
  • Audio & Visual
  • Speakers and Entertainers
  • Travel, trips and tours
  • Food and Beverage Management
  • Logistics and Staffing
  • Return On Investment and Evaluation