Selecting the ideal destination and property for your incentive program or meeting can be a daunting experience. Through discovery of your meeting or incentive program parameters, we provide location consultation support.

We pride ourselves to experience the hotel/resort and walk around the destination to better explain and ensure that it will fit our client’s demographics and goals they want to accomplish.

We help our clients to determine the best destination for your program at the best value with factors such as airfare, airport distance to venue, safety, privacy, competition, venue availability and hotel cost.  We personally search for the quintessential property for your meeting, conference or incentive program.  We conduct a thorough destination search with unparalleled speed and completeness.  In fact, we already started contract negotiation process behalf of our clients with our strong selection process.

As a client, you will get a clear comparative analysis of all available venues.  We always looking out for your best interests and maximizing value for money.