When it comes to the contract process with a hotel or venue, we start off making sure our clients have proper function space, room nights and rates for your event.  Staying on top of the fast moving professional hotel contract terms is a full time job.

Andromeda Consultants is the best of the best in the industry.  We are proud of our contract negotiation we produce for our clients time and time again.  When clients work with us; Andromeda Consultants has the ability to lead a proven, fair, unambiguous, easy to read contract that we have used for over the years.  This contract has been accepted by all hotel chains and been tested numerous time with attorneys.  Regardless if you are looking for meeting space rooms only, luxury hotel/resorts or a discounted hotel, we will find the best hotel/resort and get the most outstanding contract you deserve.

3 major focus of a contract:

  • Guarantees:  Be aware of creative accounting / Cumulative / Resell / Rebook / Recover of profit, non- revenue / F&B tied to attrition / Historic performance / Reverse provisions
  • Control:  Site inspection / Warranty of service / First-right-of-refusal / Lowest rate guarantee / Renovation and construction / Noise abatement / Change of ownership
  • Risks:  Confidential info / Competition / Indemnification / Alcohol / Insurance / Impossibility & Force Majeure / Bed bugs